Restoring Dignity in Suffering Children Foundation (RDISC Foundation).

RDISC Foundation is an NGO that seeks to provide assistance, nutritional aid relief, education, medical outreaches etc to children and teenagers in various homes (orphanages, destitute, charity homes, less privileged homes etc) and on the streets.

We support children and teenagers who lack resources and possessions necessary for quality living. Our support for the indigent rural/urban children and teenagers explore means and channels to stop further oppressions, subjugations, physical and psychological abuse, societal marginalization etc which influences and consequently produce low self-esteem and deteriorates self-worth and/or confidence.

We empower teenagers and youths through our seven-point agenda and leadership development training. Under-listed is the seven-point
channels credible in supporting RDISC mission:
(1) Healthcare
(2) Education
(3) Nutrition Aid
(4) Shelter & Care
(5) Protection
(6) Psycho-Socio Support
(7) Economic Empowerment and Strengthening.

We are extremely keen on gender equality while dispensing our objectives. The seven-point agenda listed above is our main anchor and effective strategy in reaching out to our target age bracket.

OBJECTIVES – The objectives of RDISC Foundation are:
i. To hold medical and nutritional outreaches in rural, semi-urban and urban local communities.
ii. To establish schools and healthcare centres accessible to children and teenagers from an impoverished background who has no potential access to quality education and medical care.
iii. To use leadership development training and re-orientation seminars/workshop to influence dignified thinking and self-confidence.
iv. To deploy effectively our seven-point mission agenda in supporting the impoverished children and teenagers and exploring further avenues and collaborations to strengthen our mission
v. To partner with international NGOs, agencies, institutions and affiliates for fund raising events to enable RDISC to fulfil her visions and missions.
vi. To extend and to sustain charity works in communities and societies such as humanitarian aid/relief, visitation to the less privileged homes, assistance to the indigents, economic empowerment and strengthening.
vii. To do the above in conjunction with the parent organizations, medical teams (national and international), nutritional agencies and international development agencies.


  1. Health (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, treatment of minor illnesses)
  2. Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) where the 7 plus 1 services are offered
  3. Water Hygiene and Sanitation ( WASH)
  4. Women and Adolescent ( that is the vulnerable groups)
  5. Governance ( budget tracking, holding government accountable, advocacy etc.)

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