About Us

RDISC Foundation Overview

RDISC Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that seeks to provide assistance through education, nutritional aid, medical healthcare, protection and shelter, and psycho-social support with varying learning opportunities to vulnerable and marginalised children, teens and young adults. We support children and teenagers from less fortunate backgrounds who lack resources and possessions necessary for quality living.

We explore means to creating sustainable healthy opportunities and to stop existing oppression, subjugation, physical and psychological abuse. We achieve these through interventions that mobilise against societal marginalization and culture with intent to develop self-esteem, confidence and courage within our target communities.

Our Approach

We empower children, teenagers and young adults through our seven point agenda and thematic focus. The underlisted agenda drives and strengthens our strategy in reaching out to our target age group within communities of interest

To restore lost dignity in children, teens and young adults from marginalised, vulnerable and impoverished backgrounds. We drive this change through collaborative and resourceful partnership across the globe.

We seek to improve the quality of life for each individual in our communities by focusing on the equal value of each individual.

Our Focus

Our focus on the holistic empowerment of persons in our communities. We do this to unlock the various  possibilities on the individual and communal level. Our work in the field of local health saves lives, helping families and communities thrive, both today, and tomorrow. Our efforts on education help ensure that individuals have the tools they need to achieve the promise in their own lives. IN general, we focus on healthcare, education, shelter and care, social support, protection, nutritional and economic aids, respectively.

We Value Persons Over Processes

We see individuals, not issues. We are inspired by passion, and compassion for the well-being of people. Our methods are based on logic, driven by rigor, results, issues, and outcomes. Our strategies help us define our path to success, but our effectiveness is based in the aggregate power of our initiatives to impact holistic change.


The problems we seek to solve are complex and demand the coordination and focus of many – leaders, governments, communities, and individuals around the world. Our work is challenging, but we know we can get there. We cannot succeed alone, but together we can work for a world where all can thrive.

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